Louis lab of Sensory Systems and Behaviour

To survive and prosper, any motile organism must extract relevant cues from its external environment and convert them into internal representations. The research interests of our group focus on understanding how behavioural decisions emerge from the integration of sensory information. We are tackling this problem in the genetically manipulable olfactory system of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. We aim at identifying and functionally characterizing the neuronal circuits underpinning larval chemotaxis. Our lab employs a cross-disciplinary strategy that combines the power of fly molecular genetics, high-resolution behavioural analysis and electrophysiology. Although our approach is mainly experimental, our long term goal is to integrate anatomical and physiological data into quantitative models that will help us clarify how the olfactory system functions as a whole.

We are based in the EMBL-CRG Systems Biology unit located in the PRBB 

For more information, please write us at: matthieu.louis_at_crg.es

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